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Data Center

4050 Glencoe Ave

Marina Del Rey Ca

(escorted access only)

Network Operations and remote monitoring center

Hill-One Tower

Tekwerks was established in 1986 as a computer services company to provide our customers the best technology service and support. Tekwerks accomplishes this by keeping our staff trained by industry experts, forming solid relationships with our represented manufacturers, and building a portfolio of services that meet the needs of any small and medium business. We deliver the same quality and service level usually associated with Fortune 500 companies, and we provide this at a cost affordable to our core markets.

Today there are many options for business to obtain technology services and computer systems. What makes Tekwerks unique in today’s marketplace is our approach to service. We apply solutions to specific problems that small businesses have. We treat each company as a unique entity and examine what their specific needs are, and develop a solution of hardware that will mesh with their chosen software and their way of doing business.

In 1999, After years of hardware support, Tekwerks began a second company Te Conectamos / Air-works an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Today, our ISP has grown to offer a full suite of internet services to our clients, including Wireless internet, DSL, T1, hosting, data-center co-location, network monitoring, WAN deployment, VPN design, carrier independent

services, and fiber optic infrastructure development.

Shifting the way business thinks about IT.

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